Taking the plunge

Before I begin we have another FLASH SALE going live at 10 am this morning. Quite a lot on it including little chandeliers at half price, and a heap of other things as we have a ton of new stock shortly arriving and we need to make space in the warehouse. We only have small quantities of many of the products so you will need to get in there fast if you want. I'll post as soon as it’s live. Why do you think we are so afraid of colour? There is something about it that scares us, we worry it won't work, or that it will look too crazy and yet adding shots of it to a room is much easier than you think. First of all don't over analyzise it! Believe me I'm talking from experience here being right in the middle of a major overall. I've painted a small patch stood back, sat on the fence with it for a few days and still not made any decision. Not good going small a whole large wall needs to be painted out in your chosen hue so you can actually see what it does to your space! I've wasted days pondering over the smallest patch of wall colour, go big and be brave I say! Second -when it comes to paint buy quality. How that colour looks on your walls is all down to the quality of the product that you have purchased. How it interacts with the light, the different nuances it has - basically the depth of hue and the saturation level will be far greater and last way longer if you buy better. Simple as that. Next up don’t neglect the lighting as colours need to be illuminated not overly lit a la doctor’s waiting room.  Beautiful but subtle lighting makes the world of difference. Finally no matter what colour your walls light or dark they all need the odd shot of something tantalising to take them to the next level. The easiest way is to limit them - say no more than 2 or 3 shots in a room. I've greatly reduced the amount of brights in my space since redecorating. However the odd cushion, vase, flower, rug, painting will totally elevate the space. So I titled this post taking the plunge and that is exactly what I am doing. The hallway is going red, a blackish red which scares the hell out of me but I'm doing it! I'm getting braver. First I painted a patch and procrastinated over that forever. Then I painted a great big wall in it and thought hmm I'm kind of loving this and now. Now the floor is going and banisters are going and I can feel my heart racing a little as I tell you. Not sure if its in anticipation or its nervousness. Gotta live dangerously once in a while right? Some bright hallways to inspire - mine isn't going this kind of red, infact strangely enough in the evening mine looks a little more plum and in the day a little redder and blacker, I'll show you of course as soon as its finished. Hallways are great spaces to take risks as we only transition through, although last night I sat on the stairs for quite a while staring at the hue so you never know I might move in there! red red1It was actually this room, belonging to Nikki Tibbles that made me want to change things up because for me that colour palette is to die for. It takes risks, it pushes boundaries and yet it doesn't feel bonkers. reed2

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