Colours to lust after

Confident Colour

Here at Atelier we love dark colours – in fact we are on a mission to make the deepest darkest sludgies the new pastels. To me greys, blacks in fact anything dark is the essence of fabulousness, chic, super sexy and timeless. So if you are thinking about giving your room a personality lift – paint it black. Now I know many people will totally disagree (try not to) dark colours are my idea of heaven, enveloping a space with cosiness.

Over the Christmas break the store had a bit of a makeover and went from smoky grey to smouldering black – yes even the ceilings! Fabulous for highlighting unexpected contrasts black brings a new definition to elegance; products now literally pop out from the shelves creating a beautiful bold effect. Classy, versatile and unexpected. Just remember that because the walls are dark you will need to punch up the colour in your accessories– so say a mix of pieces with splurges of colour and you’ve got yourself a fabulous new look.   AND its slimming– you look way slimmer in dark rooms than you do in a neutral one!

Need any more convincing?

I didn’t think so

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