1) Select the products and enter quantities in multiples of pack sizes (eg if pack size is 10 stems and you wanted 1 pack, please enter 10 in the quantity, 20 if 2 packs and so on).

2) The prices are per pice and are in GBP currency - pack sizes are also mentioned online. 

3) Once you have finalised the order, enter your details and submit the order. 

4) You do not have to pay just yet. When you place the order, it is emailed to us and we will then email you the final proforma invoice in your desired currency, adding delivery cost and any Tax/Vat exemptions. 

5) Minimum opening order £750. (Repeat orders do not carry minimum order caveat)

6) Payment can be made via BACS transfer or via Credit Card.

7) Delivery will be on actuals.