How to create the best table in town, Mail On Sunday asks moi!

dine11dine21dine32dine4 The Mail on Sunday asked 4 experts (moi included) on how to create the best table in town, purse friendly, elegant and super sophisticated. My tricks of the trade include spraying little bunches of flowers (which I house in t-light holders) with hair spray - YES hair spray and then sprinkling with glitter. Very Hollywood esp, super easy to do and the effect is stunning. Candles should be fun not predictable think frogs, elephants, clowns anything that adds an unexpected twist. Napkins tied with sari ribbon add another layer of glamour and of course lighting is key. I have fairly lights all year round strung all over the place and oodles of candles - perfect when the sun goes down for flickering, flattering glamour. For the full feature see Come Dine with Me

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