Bank Holiday DIY Ideas

DIY that transforms bland and borring rooms into snazzy and super cool but undertaken in a lazy Sunday afternoon kind of way is the name of the game this holiday weekend. Quick fix ideas which are very boutique hotel in feel and that add instant style ratings are what we are after. Spraying flea market find furniture, or reworking furniture you already have and turning it into an unconventional playful installation adds instant wow factor. I picked up this console at an auction house for very little money and gave it a top to toe glamorous make over. You can also paint it in the glossiest of hues to get a very similar effect. My advice is to go for colour - satuarated brights add punch and believe me colours can clash. Minimalism is a thing of the past - the future is fun, eclectic, whimisical and supremly chic! Happy Decorating [caption id="attachment_149" align="aligncenter" width="496" caption="Photography Mads Mogensen, Styling Martina Hunglinger"]Photography Mads Mogensen, Styling Martina Hunglinger[/caption] Want stairs with flair - try nailing an assortment of old rugs easily picked up at charity shops and auctions to your stairs for make for a truely global feel. Not only does this inject funkiness it gives them a luxurious, eclectic and boutique kind of feel. 2BarnabasRoad03_12

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