Obsessive horders listen up - creating more space is key to creating a beautiful home

Space is what we crave most in our homes so obsessive hoarders listen up: too much clutter decreases space both physically and visually so be ruthless! You don't have to banish everything - open shelves are wonderful for adding tons more storage and at the same time showing your taste to the world. The big conundrum is whether you want fixed and formulaic or freestanding causal ones.  An industrial metal vibe or something more homely like wood? I say go for a mixture - a liberal mix of styles allows for more creativity and the result won't appear to homogenized. Besat Shelf Unit - IkeaThese are from Ikea and make a striking display on a wall. Those all important glamorous touches will make a space really yours. DecoGuide07_11This shelf is also from Ikea - we fattened it up by in casing it with MDF for the very purpose of making it look more bespoke and galleresq. Painting it out the same colour as the wall makes the objects on the shelf really pop out.

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