Take a room from ordinaire to extraordinaire

It’s the finishing touches that add the va -va – voom to one’s pad. By opting for some groovy looking items which have been turned on their head with some outlandish punches of colour you can enliven your space in a nano second. Forget anything beige or magnolia or cream the more eccentric your choices the better. Think groovy, think wow factor and think fun. Take a leap of faith and throw out anything you don’t love. Fill your dream house with groovy elements that shout instant Hollywood glamour, none of which needs to cost the earth. Habitat below has done a wondrous job of enlivening an occasional table with a serious dose of colour.  At the higher end of scale B&B Italia have turned a very ordinary side table into an extraordinary side table by colouring it canary yellow! Of course anything at home can be given the Girls Guide makeover by spraying a fabulous colour – it will invigorate you and make you far happier than any cup of coffee - promise!Rivoli Occasioanal Table - Habitat Frank Table (Antonio Citterio) B&B Italia

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