British Eccentricity

I was in the store on the weekend and a number of people mentioned how the store was enjoyably eccentric and unusual, which got me to thinking about British style in general and why is it that we love quirky things. My house and indeed my store is filled with oddities that I simply adore – penguins cast from concrete with light bulbs on their head, poodles hand thrown and simply glazed with a granny esq. shade.  I love this ‘off radar look” – that playfully combines the classic with the quirky.  Which moves me easily onto the God of British eccentricity and King of all things individual Paul Smith. I adore his collections and aesthetic its neither pretentious nor conservative – its quirky, sometimes a little kitsch a tad flamboyant (but not in a showy off way) Long live eccentricity I say! [caption id="attachment_219" align="aligncenter" width="497" caption="Photography Polly Eltes"]Photography Polly Eltes[/caption]

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