Break rules and make new ones

Turning an unusual building into an interesting space takes a bit of creative thinking but once you get the knack its highly addictive and the world as they say is your oyster. It’s all about having a confident eye and to build up confidence you kind of need to throw the rulebook out the window. Our mantra is to break all the rules and make new ones. Take for example a room in which everything matches – the sofa matches the chairs, the cushions match the paint – bored already? - Yes me to. Put your room in the fast lane – the image below illustrates this brilliantly. It oozes personality as well as seducing, thrilling and surprising us. A knocked about floor with an industrial vibe gets enlivened with a beautiful rug – books, magazines, pictures – those personal mementos that make up life are artfully displaced. Textures and patterns abound and the whole space pushes the visual envelope. More importantly it feels relaxed like you could just throw your shoes in the corner and pull up a chair, turn on some jazz, open some wine – I am so there already!inspiration048

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