The Perfect Home Office

Today I find myself working at home - strangely enough not in the small little box room I use as an office because it needs good old revamp and I have this very annoying habit (I'm sure) whereby I cannot and will not work in a space that isn't beautiful. So here I am on the ground floor (which is rather beautiful I have to say) thinking about what my perfect office would be like - its got to be integral to the rest of the house and not feel too officey! Below is a great home office  - it feels glamourous, stylish is full of tons of stuff but at the same time oozes personality. Its inspired me to rethink my whole home office dilema. Plus I really want to look like she does, rather than sitting here in my old flannel pjs with my hair scragged back looking like  something the cat dragged home!Inspirational 001

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