On why size matters

Playing around with scale can stop a room from feeling bland, depressing and drab. So think out of the box a little and opt for pieces that have been stretched or supersized. I call the trend neo-nonsense - its all about illusion and fantasty with designers drawing on the early 20th century surrealist art movement for inspiration. We saw a little of this a few years ago in Milan with Marcel Wandes gigantic lamps, silent bells and Delft eartherware, and Studio Job's gigantic pieces for the mosaic tile company Bisazza not to mention their fab paper lights, tables and storage systems for Moooi. You can also go the other way by mixing small furnishings in large spaces ( think Alice in Wonderland and you immediately get the idea). I have done both in my pad teaming a supersized flocked anglepoise lamp next to two little tub chairs I picked up from a flea market. Every time I walk through the door the combination makes me smile! tub chairs

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