Changing Moods

Creating a bright mood for a room can be tricky as it can easily become too garish. I hate to admit this but I have actually gotten up in the middle of supper and turned off and or dimmed friends lights so much does it bug me. Hardly surprising then that I am rarely invited round to supper anymore! It’s the single pendant thing with nothing else going on that drives me crazy– so the trick is to wash the room with ambient light which will accent particular features. The big big secret is that even during day time rooms must have some shadow for contrast so don’t try to eliminate everything. The image below illustrates perfectly just how fabulous your pad can look with a selection of different lights on different levels. The firelight adds atmosphere, the central pendant makes a style statement and the table light casts a mood. I love lamps on lower levels particularly if they have been subdued by dimmers. Oh an if you do only have one pendant close your curtains in the evening – I have been known (unless otherwise restrained by husband) to march up to people’s front doors offering advise! Yikes!inspirational

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