Love your home

Spent the weekend re-organising the house, have spent far too many weekends working and have come to the conclusion that I need to take some time out to rattle around this old pad and enjoy it. As mentioned last week I grabbed one of our latest products to arrive in the store our super sexy moose light took him home and thanks to a fab team of builders (who built me this fireplace in record speed highly impatient person that I am) - the moose now presides regally over the garden. At night he is even more impressive!Garden moose I came across the home of Sara Story (US designer) not so long ago and totally feel in love with her way of decorating.  She totally personifies my way of designing whereby its all about personal style.  The key being to make your space your own  - and of course it should be  comfy but it should also be filled with stuff you are passionate about. Below are two images of Sara's home illustrating just how powerful a piece of art can be - turning something ordinaire into something extradinaire. Love it! SS4 SS9

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