Sneak Peak

We are opening in  The Shop at Bluebird in less than a month (yikes) and here is the sneakiest peak of what our collection will be looking like. Paintings of 19 century gentleman proving that bad hair days are avoidable (yay), rabbits with some serious attitude and poodles cast from ceramic with light bulbs on their heads. Its a bold highly personal collection of things I love and I hope you do to. Its a trendy mix of home furnishings, whimisical, wonderful and very close to my heart. To me home is all about having a space that is comfy but filled with stuff that makes you smile - witty, sophisticated and a little bit tongue in cheek. forprintWhat could be better than coming home after a long day at work to this guy - love his exuberant hair and only wish mine looked like that! Painted by the super talented Russell Lewis this is the first in the series. Totally exclusive to us we  can't wait to see more of his collection! rabbitsRabbits with attitude that double up as a money boxes. LOVE them - so old school yet new school with a modern vibe. dog lamp detail-08We are a little animal mad here at Atelier as animals (so we believe) raise your spirits like nothing else. This little lady is playful, fun and the perfect side light. She's still in her infancy but hopefully in a few weeks day will be making her debut in our new store.

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