80s motel style – back with a bang!

Never thought in a million years I would be endorsing this – but hey I must say I saluteMs Wearstler and how she manages so effortlessly to create a room that very much looks like a throw back from a miserable motel of the 80’s and yet by god its stylish and I kind of like it. Believe me it’s a tough one to pull together a multitude of different patterns which sit side by side cohesively and should but don’t look whacky. The wallpaper she has used below would normally induce an instant migraine on my part, the very same with the headboard. On its own it’s so not my thing but yet the scheme has a unity to it without looking crazy.  Of course colour is the cohesive factor drawing on a unifying palette of raspberry and plum tones. And yes it may not be everyone’s cup of tea but this is what I love about design – it’s challenging, it’s spirited, it’s enriching and most importantly it’s individual. K wearstler

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