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Slightly obsessed by book shelves these days since returning from the fabulous store Merci in Paris. I absolutely adore how shelves give immediate atmosphere to any space. Below is a detail of Johnson Hartig’s LA pad (huge fan) – he balances formal with playful (yay). It’s the hardest decorating trick to achieve – stuffy or minimal rooms with no notes of unconventionality are extremely dull, don’t excite the imagination and I have to say make me want to instantly leave! Its not hard this ‘bad boy way of decorating’ – its just you have to think a little harder. Think bold, blingy and fabulous and you are half way there! booksLove love love the dogs, love the art hanging in the middle of the shelves its a little out off radar but that's what makes it so totally fabulous. Far more conservative and grown up is the fabulous image below of a fairly unobtrusive corridor which has been given an interesting embellishment. It’s a little too grown up for me but I am very much inspired by the idea and am thinking of doing something very similar in my hallway. My images might be a little different – think of a painting of a 19th century gentleman given a pop art twist and proclaiming such fab words  “thou shall always keep thy perm in tip top condition”! But totally loving the idea of a gallery in a hallway or entryway – I want to linger, examine be taunted and inspired – and all of this is such a transient space– genius! Hallway art

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