Private Spaces

A nook of one’s own to hideaway and rejuvenate from the rest of the world is pivotal for me. Hobbies are a thing of the past so no sipping whisky and knitting I hate to say but I have started taking time to call one spot my very own and take time out to flick through magazines, work on ideas or search for remote houses in Italy and Wales that I fantasize about living in (sorry honey haven’t mentioned that idea yet)! My nook is not a very big space – a comfy chair, big old lamp, piles of mags and other stuff transform my little corner into a very private nook.  Came across a great quote from Lewis Carrol ‘Who in the world am I. Ah, that is the great puzzle” Retiring to my nook to figure it out – may well be a while! living room I’m liking this nook– I so want  to snuggle up with a cup of tea, my magazines and Maud my new puppy – although she is into eating magazines at the moment  (as well as throws and sofas the list is quite endless) so I will imagine it instead. private spaces Tear sheets & kids drawings turn a boring white wall into something truly personal and intriguing. Its intimate it oozes personality and the emphasis is on individuality. A perfect little nook. [caption id="attachment_393" align="aligncenter" width="497" caption="Photograph Polly Eltes"]Photograph Polly Eltes[/caption] This is my nook – my bookcase wallpaper transforms a difficult wall by cozening it up – a big old chair or love seat as it is called gives me plenty of room for lounging and although hugely edited for this particular shoot, magazines, books, postcards abound on an old lump of wood around the corner and add layers.

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