Get cosy

With Autumn fast approaching I am thinking about cosying up my space, softening my rooms with rugs and heaps of cushions. I kind of love winter -those saucepan lid soft grey skies, roaring fires, soft lighting, tons of candles, a yummy stew on the stove, a ramble over hyde park with all the leaves on the grass - fabulous! A weekend spent pulling all our winter stuff out of the loft and layering it around the space is my idea of heaven! The image below took my fancy because although white is not a colour I would not normally endorse this living room looks beautifully cosy, with its tempting textures. It feels lived in and loved and  just because winter is round the corner it doesn't mean you have to stick to somber colours.  The curvy chair and lamp softens the hard edges of the room and the rug looks perfect for snuggling toes. Maud (my new puppy) would go bananas over this rug - talking of which apologies for the late posting today - I had forgotten how crazy life is with a new puppy. She is currently snoozing and I am creeping around the place so as not to disturb - yikes! living room2

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