Creating a great bathroom

How to create a fab bathroom without it costing the earth thats gutsy, a tad offbeat but also a seductive antechamber to preen and relax. Paint plays a huge part in transforming a room - deep sumptuous hues will give the room an edge by establishing a visual identity that just shouts sophisication. Taps, baths and basins can all be brought relatively  inexpensively from reclamation yards - the real key is to keep it simple with clever little touches - such as whimisical drawer pulls that update cabinets - unusual lighting, a rug - anything in fact that could be at home in your living room. This is a fab way of connecting your bathroom to the rest of your house - instead of making it a clinical space devoid of character and life. Jenna Lyons has created my all time favourite bathroom I am seriously considering repainting mine and starting again. It has that hotel luxe feel (see below) yet feels modern, but rustic at the same time. Very very jealous - infact if I wasn't reworking another room right now I would be painting my bathroom walls deepest darkest black. bathroom 2Love the herringbone floor, love the sumptuous black paint, love the brass fittings and rustic plaster walls - perfect, perfect retreat! bathroomA clever idea to create a beautiful little antechamber by having the bedroom flowing into the bathroom. Its so simple and yet is feels so luxurious.

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