Small Spaces

Love the challenge of decorating pint size rooms.  First off don’t listen to any rules all that mumbo jumbo about having moderately sized (or god forbid) even slightly smaller sized furniture is bland, boring and headache inducing. Instead go the other way and make a statement with larger pieces its far more intriguing and unexpected. Become a lamp tramp and add light tons of them– up, down and around to create atmosphere and interest.  Also get curvy vases, cushions, rugs with sinuous shapes tend to break up the boxiness of small rooms. Finally add layers because layers add luxe and instantly shout luxurious hotel room – so pictures on walls, shelves adorned with heavy tomes – cushions galore – see where I am going here! I will leave you with two images of Simon Carver’s pad in Aus – its small but its beautifully furnished and full to the brim with personal stuff – very cool! simon carver simon carver 2

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