New York Style

Came across Cindy Greene's apartment not so long ago which to me perfectly personifies hip NY style. Her mix of modern, historical and vintage is personal, eclectic and fabulous. I lived in the States for a while and often find myself thinking I would love to move back to NY (or wildest dream of dreams) open a store there. But enough of me - back to Cindy - this room works and is beyond easy to achieve because its all about  personal style making a statement. Modern elegance meets country house grandeur. The colour palette is a beautiful blend of muted hues which creates  a relaxed soothing mood and the zeebra rug (I am so obsessed by these rugs at the moment - just brought one for my pad ) creates a shot of va va vroom. Relaxed, hip New York style - nothing beats it! cindy Before I forget  I am off to Paris tomorrow on a buying trip (so won't be posting) but back Monday. Am wondering if I can smuggle Maud (my new puppy) into my handbag as she is sooo tiny  as will miss her so. She is supposed to be hanging out with hubby (who is far stricter than I about regimes and schedules) and worried she will turn into a bit of nerdy girl - rather than a free spirit - poor little love!

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