Loft Living

I have a thing about lofts - open plan and urban and filled with a wonderful array of  eclectic finds loft living can take on many forms. To me though it fuses an artistic sensibility with the gritty backdrop of a city. Funky, individualistic and inspirational is how my dream loft would be decked out. Rather than slavishly following the latest trends I would take a  magpie approach and team vintage finds with a bit of old kitsch. Its  a free spirited approach that I use in all of my designs - personal style to me is prized far higher than designer labels, sourcing the latest expensive accessories or the coolest designer sofa does nothing for me - I only select what I love which is often defined by its aesthetic. I guess its very much like clothes - top to tale designer shouts boring and shows little imagination - its all in the mix as they say. erinJust beautiful - eclectic and filled full of personal stuff. erin 2

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