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Today I am deviating from interiors to write a para or so on gardens since they are an integral part of the whole lifestyle deal. I have replaced the brick wall (over two floors of our Victorian terrace) and put in a wall of glass so the garden is an integral part of my vista – an outside living room if you like. Somewhat neglected due to a business that demands long hours and no weekends I am now on a mission (yes I know it’s the wrong time of year) to transform this little outside space. The water featury pond is going (that was so on trend 10 years ago – can’t bear the thing now) and in its place I fancy growing winter vegetables – cabbages, broccoli, garlic, sprouts the whole shebang. On a cold winters eve with the fire roaring inside I will pop out – in my pjs and uggs and pull from my little plot the yummiest veggies ever (that’s the plan) and then cook them up on the stove. Swapping my pond for cabbages and brussels has as much to do with wanting to know exactly what I am eating  – a desire if you like for a simpler life that sounds eco & boho but in truth I hope will bring me much pleasure My dream dream garden is Nigel Slater’s (his whole back yard has been given over to growing vegetables sand fruit). I love Nigel – I love his way of cooking, I own every single one of his recipe books (his new book is about the hit the stands) and listen to this his recipes are beyond mouth watering - chard gratin with grain mustard, a rich dish of sprouts and cheese for a very cold night (why or why isn’t it cold now I want to make that dish). Anyway Nigel’s garden below and then mine (please note it hasn’t had its face lift yet) – apart of course from my moose light which I looooove. GardenMy garden below before the addition of the outside fireplace and moose! my gardenLatest addition - outdoor fireplace and moose which double duties as a light moose

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