Decorating with tiles

I need a back splash in my kitchen. For years I just painted behind the back of the sink but it looks shoddy and splashed in no time and its been on my to do list for yonks. Next week I am taking a few days off work to revamp my pad and do all those little bits and pieces around the place that have been on my mind for ages - first on the list is a back splash. So for a while I have been searching for some fab tiles and by god I think I have found them. Delicate yet strong tiles can completely transform  back splashes, bathrooms and little nooks from something bland to something sublime. As you probably no I am a strong beliver that to turn your pad from crash to flash you don't have to have a bottomless wallet. A slap of some great paint a fabulous back splash with some beautiful rich lustrous tiles adds oodles of glamour. The tiles below have a beautiful pearlescent finish which the light bounces off - they feel antique yet also modern. Perfect so perfect for my kitchen -  a visual tantalising feast for the eyes. kitchen kitchen3

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