Brit Style

Firstly huge apologises for not posting for the last few days - crazy 48 hours putting the finishing touches to our newly opened Bluebird concession as well as redecorating our store from top to bottom (crazy idea on my part)! With London Design week in full swing I got to thinking about British Style. Defining British style is not easy - with such kings and queens as Paul Smith & Vivienne Westwood championing individuality it’s pretty hard to pinpoint.  It seems to me more than ever our design aesthetic is held together with boundless curiosity.Its edgy, its urban, its glamorous, its feminine its a melting pot if individuality and its fabulous. To achieve this look you have to be a bit of a sticky beak  - Australia speak for nosy parker. Gather around you things that you love from different periods and styles and you will find yourself creating little nooks instinctively rather than rationally - your heart should guide your choices nothing else. I often find my much loved objects are not expensive designer garb or the latest gadget - they are an old pot picked up from a junk shop with a patina that taunts my eye - or a collection of tear sheets on a wall I have simply torn from a magazine. Oh and remember to edit - so just enough clutter bugging to keep things interesting but not so much its screams Versace crazy. Sorry Versace! Jo Berryman's pad below pretty much defines Brit Style - its edgy, its feminine, its glamorous and whats more it tells a narrative. detail detail2

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