Martha Stewart, Philippe Stark and a few other things

Today is a home day and technically a day off (although doesn’t seem to always work out as such) but here’s hoping! The weather is beyond gorgeous and cooking up some autumnal dishes is the plan of the day – mostly from Nigel Slater’s new tome Tender. Gardening and tidying up fallen leaves, hanging jam jars in trees with night lights to light when the evenings start to draw  in is also on the list. I lived in the States for a while and the autumn always makes me think back to that time. Visiting cider mills, trampling on fallen leaves in New England, decorating the house for Halloween.  Love love this time of year. When we open a store in the States and I have a downtown pad (please God)  then please please can my dining table look as gorgeous as Ms Martha Stewarts – below.Ok that’s me done – peace and love as Philippe Stark says (love Philipe’s new TV show by the way so refreshing to listen to a designer that doesn’t thank god follow the rules) ! marthaSimple, beautiful and elegant - Martha Stewart's dining room in NY.

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