Big Ideas Small Budget

This months interior mags are awash with ideas for filling your pad with stuff that makes you happy - whether that's personal photographs, books, a favourite toy its all about bringing your room alive with objects that lift your spirits and add intrigue and interest For me books/magazines and a rag tag collection of art (often picked up in from ebay, etsy or flea markets) bring my space alive. You don't need a grand display of books - magazines arranged in aesthetically pleasing rhythms do the job - its all about how the eye flows from one object to the next. This is what gives a home a heart and a soul. [caption id="attachment_476" align="aligncenter" width="497" caption="Photography Graham Atkins Hughes"]Photography Graham Atkins Hughes[/caption] Stacks of magazines on tables, books piled onto window sills and under tables create an unpredictable effect. They don't look unsightly or muddled because they are arranged in a way that taunts the eye - the height of the stacks are all similar in each grouping which helps eliminate the clutter bug effect. 13AlexanderSt13_14Stacks of books and black and white photographs create interesting decorative details. Am loving black and white photography right now in fact my sisters boyfriend has just purchased for me a print by JR which I cannot wait to get on my walls.  I think the  moody vibe of the photography creates a soft layer to walls.

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