Love your things

I believe every little thing in your house should be something that you love and have a special meaning and is therefore personal. So often in interior mags I won't name them- ok maybe I will name one American Elle Decor  what are you doing? The homes featured are so uptight, gracious and perfect yes but my god uptight. All the objects (furniture, accessories, textiles and so on) look as if they have been picked up by a decorator and are bland, soulless and  lifeless. If you want atmosphere surround yourself with objects that are personal - unusual bit and bobs. As a designer I follow my heart not what the Jones's down the road are doing. I haunt thift stores in search of brown furniture that I can spray in super glossy car paint, and I jump up and down for joy when I find a gem - my 1950's  Gnome that came from an amusement park and doubles up as a light. Roughly thrown ceramics, old 60's chairs that I have just covered in a super sexy slubby electric blue. Yes its a personal vision but I love the stuff that surrounds me and hopefully that comes across in all my designs. Below my pad - taken from a wide angle lens so the perspectives look a bit odd - but hopefully you get the idea. basement Living hall

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