New Magazine Lonny launches

Having spent the day before last moaning that  some of the interior magazines out there are tres boring – (sorry Elle Décor USA)! I was rather delighted to find Lonny – check out  Its very domino -ish in feel.  Accessible,  non stuffy and  great to see a replacement for Domino that is so sorely missed. Here are a few images from their new online magazine. lonny4Looking good hey! lonny1Please excuse the shortness of this post - today I am taking the day off to go clothes shopping which I used to love but since being so incredibly busy have hated for the last year or so. Probably because I never give myself enough time to have a good mooch around so consequently for the last year have looked a right old scruff. All that hopefully is about to change. Its sunny, its cold and the air smells of autumn and I am heading out the door with the latest copy of Elle Dec under my arms to read as I go! Have a great day everyone

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