Hallways and making them fabulous

I came across the apartment of Marcelo Lucini not so long ago - it has a real sense of old glamour about it which I am rather loving. I am thinking of revamping our hall and have been somewhat inspired by Lucini's glamorous yet non-uptight approach. Halls are a hard one to get right - being such a transient space they often get overlooked, and yet they set the tone for the rest of one's scheme.  My boring hall houses an oversized mirror and a few hand hooks and that is it. Appalling I thought to myself at the weekend, what an earth have I been doing with my time!   I want it to be a space to linger - a space I can hang art salon style (higgledy piggledy in other words), a place I can display books and mags and other bits and bobs. So this weekend's plan is to revamp the whole space (sorry honey I know its our weekend off but how could we possibly enjoy it when the hall is migraine inducing)! hall One of the room’s in Mr Lucini’s apartment  which has inspired me to revamp my hallway to similar effect. hall4Rita Konig's new pad in NY - her kitchen is actually in her hallway. Loving the way the space doesn't feel  anything like a hallway. hall8I have used this image before but am not apologising as I think its such a fabulous idea for long narrow halls such as mine - can't wait for my revamp to commence! p

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