Abigail Ahern

Love Your Home

This is a super early post for me (I should be at the gym right now pounding the treadmill) but tuesday mornings are Bluebird mornings whereby my sister and I leave at the crack of dawn to go and replace and replenish our concession at the Shop At Bluebird. “My home is my heart and soul. It visually and physically expresses exactly who I am. I hate leaving the place”. So says Anita Calero – photographer and former stylist. Anna lives in Manhattan loft which she has cozied up transforming it into an interesting eclectic space and I totally empathise and love her quote. Its funny because in an interview recently I had expressed to the journalist how often at times through, my working day images of my home will flash thru my mind and I long to be transported there. I thought it was me being overly sad and obsessed but now I read in British Elle Dec how Anita at times spends whole periods of time in her pad without going out! I love love love how our homes can give us so much joy. For me it’s all about  surrounding myself with things I love  so that’s a whole hodge podge of rugged and imperfect bits and bobs that are both humble and luxurious. And of course a puppy called Maud and a husband who (it has to be said drives me crazy at times with his optimism) but has believed in me throughout and worked harder than anyone I know (without I hate to admit complaint) - very much unlike me -  to make this business work. Below Anita’s pad - she has surrounded herself with things she loves and its beautiful Anita Anita2

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