Abigail Ahern


We are producing our own line of lighting which I am incredibly excited about but to say it’s been one of the hugest learning curve of my year is a smidge of an understatement. I wanted to get our lights produced in the UK as opposed to China and beyond but that meant far higher production costs which worried me. It also meant if we produced locally we could guarantee a far superior quality as I could easily whiz up north andmicro manage every step of the way should I need to (being a total control freak this appealed greatly)! And now we have our poodle lamps made by a small ceramic studio in Stoke and I have to say I am so glad we didn’t go down the mass market route. Being handmade there is something intrinsically beautiful about them – ok they are not cheap and therefore not easily obtainable but I think they have an inherent individually that you wouldn’t see if they were mass-produced.This in the most rambling intro ever got me to thinking how like my lamps we want everything in our homes to mean something to tell a narrative. And so below – a few spaces that marry handmade objects with vintage finds. God save good taste even if it means sometimes we have to bash it over the head, knock it sideways and revamp it a smidge with the odd kitsch yet beautiful poodle lamp.


Below Julianna Moore's NY pad which marries hand crafted with vintage with modern - just beatiful.
moore 2

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