One thousand apologises for the lack of posts recently my schedule is becoming more and more frantic and whilst I will try my upmost to post most days with the holidays fast approaching and it being our craziest time of year - there might be a few gaps here and there. Yesterday I spent the most delightful day with a team from the Times Newspaper - they were photographing me preparing my house for entertaining and the holidays - the feature comes out  in the Saturday Times magazine on the 21st of this month - so hugely excited about that.Maud (my puppy who had been been to school in the morning - it was her first day) was beyond good and modelled beautifully!  Now that I am very much in the holiday spirit I have started to think about place settings since we are hosting Christmas this year. Of course one need look no further than the queen of entertaining Ms Martha Stewart to see some of her fun ideas - I am deliberating between going fun and funky with the settings or glamorous and grown up - oh what to do - decisions, decisions. place 1 Simple, super glam and quite beautiful OR place 2Funky and fun, sweet and cute!


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