Rugs - tres chic and bang on trend

I am on the hunt for a rug - to go in our new library which hasn't yet been built (its still as they say in the planning stage). The desk that I have been coveting for what feels like all my life is too darn big. My plan to build an extension thereby resolving the problem - husband not so on board with that one unfortunately! So I need to source another desk and with that of course a rug. Rugs are hard to get right.  I have had no problem with the lower ground floor, a Jonathan Adler zeebra rugs skims our concrete floor and nestles  up to a beautiful hand woven merino wool rug.  Upstairs though I want a grown up gentleman's club vibe, where I sip whisky, light fires play some jazz and pretend to work. I'm thinking I need something with pattern to break up some of the solid colour but then I am always drawn to blocks of colour. Then there is all that thinking about how one space relates to another - the cohesion of the rug to the exisiting furniture and so on and so on. Decisions, decisions Some possibilities I am considering below: rug1Love the palette, love the rug - its  grown up and its beautiful. rug 2Again love love love the palette and love the funky rug. The rug is from the Rug Company and it was shot at my friends house (the photographer Graham Atkins Hughes  and his wife Jo). The most stylish couple on the planet I must say and whats more I can't copy so back to the drawing board I go!

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