Morning – it’s beyond early 6.30 actually which means I should be heading off to the gym to pound the treadmill but I worked 17 hours yesterday came home ordered take out and drank wine and am now paying the consequences – feel like an enormous lump. Am off to Bluebird in a shortly for my weekly walk through and re-stock and then the day gets beyond crazy – oh and its my husbands birthday and I haven’t gotten a thing – no cake no present no champagne. I thought of buying him a fab lamp for our new library but then my inner voice snuck in (beyond annoying) telling me I always buy him things I actually want for the house – YIKES. So this time I will buy him something he wants and Maud my puppy can buy him the lamp –brilliant then we are both happy! The library doesn’t exist quite yet its in progress as they say – but the key to making this room work, in fact the key to making any roomwork is all in the detail. Its all about creating layers which in turn prevents rooms from looking to regimented. So for an individualtotally unique look forget a rigid scheme – instead go disjointed and out of kilter. Don’t match, don’t worry about symmetry just make surethere are enough gentle rhythms to take your eye from one arrangement to the next. Allow stand alone pieces to breathe and mix everythingelse up – that’s layering in a nutshell. Have fun  x layersLayering done well from the little grouping on the floor to the more structured shelves. layers2Sweet sweet layering - it looks easy and it is if you start with one small piece like the little table and then build up.


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