Giving walls the wow factor

I was thinking over the weekend how is it I have lived so long without having art on my walls. Now I am obsessed with it its covering literally every surface. I guess its all about being brave and following your heart and not so called trends. I brought a fab sketch of J F Kennedy recently  in a junk shop which I spent ages figuring where to put (love love those weekends playing house moving everything all over the place - it was pouring outside and there was I with my jazz and a fire and lots of snuggly lights - heaven) . The frame is a bit battered and peeling and the sketch yellowing slightly but all the better I say. In my inspirational file that seems to be growing bigger and bigger are two images of art - one is super expensive and beautiful - the other an impromtu arrangement of images around a fridge. I am drawn to both which goes to show style has nothing whats so ever to so with money. As if we didn't know that already hey! Art2A beautiful combination of textures and styles - adore the painting - its super stylish and beyond elegant. art4I love this - this is me when I live in NY in my loft - wearing missoni and a  dash of vintage and surrounded by battered, tattered boho ness. So I can dream no?



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