Chic and easy style

Helena Christensen’s NY pad nails it for me in terms of bohemian gorgeousness. It’s eclectic, and stylish with a real magpie approach to decorating. Filled with pieces she has picked up all over the world each room has a unique quite beautiful atmosphere – it almost feels like you are stepping into a painting. I love love love low level lighting and the atmospheric gloom it gives off – if feels magical in a Harry Potter kind of way. Nothing matches yet everything makes beautiful sense, and the best thing is that you don’t have to travel the world or have a super model budget to achieve this look. Flea markets, junk shops, etsy and eBay are great resources. Some things are a little imperfect some things a little imbalanced, what’s key is all of Helena’s possessions tell a narrative they have soul. So when choosing things for your pad opt for bits and bobs that are a little rough around the edges or hand crafted and you will have a pad that’s looks bananas.  Forgive the Rachel Zoe ism there addicted at the moment to her series.  Rachel if you happen to be reading this please could you consider painting your beautiful apartment down pipe – I promise beyond promise that it will change your life. Lets pray I am never PM if I am I will decree that everyone in the land paints at least one room down pipe! Beautiful!

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