Creating drama through lighting

Apologises for not posting these last few days - my end of week got a bit crazy - in  a good way.Am feeling very Christmassy right now - having spent the weekend walking around town prepping for a shoot I am doing with Grazia the end of this week - and talking of shoots thank you very much for the lovely feature in the Times at the weekend - 6 pages - wow amazing - thank you! So as hosting Christmas this year I am examining my pad in microscopic detail. Certain rooms need way more lighting so on a frantic search to find some cool pieces to up the style ratings. Luckily have a very cool friend with the most beautiful store  - Emily Chalmers owns Caravan in east London and sells these Jielde lamps pictured below. I have been coveting these lamps for ages and just love their simplicity - so yesterday brought one! Having a concession in Bluebird is wonderful in so many ways -each week my sister and I gaze, gawp and gasp at all the beautiful clothes, shoes, bags and these incredible lights - made from old brioche tins. How simple is that -am ordering straight way - can just imagine them in a cluster hanging over the balcony - and then thats it no more spending promise, promise, promise! If I may I am going to put my interior design hat on for one  mo and say that whilst its important to have a collection of beautiful lights - its also important to have bulbs that are relatively low in wattage as they create a far more beautiful atmosphere - plus please please don't eradicate all shadows - shadows are fabulous they add intrigue and make you long way younger! I have just brought one in red and love love these jielde lamps. How genius is this - pendants made from old french brioche tins - beautiful!

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