Arthur meets Martha

Apparently I am a Tom Boy - or so it has been said. Wasn't totally aware of this fact but as I lay awake in the night (again) I got to thinking are my designs  a little more Arthur than Martha so to speak? Is there a boyish streak in the hues, the furniture and the schemes that I design and I guess in a way there is. I hate frilly and pouffy and anything too dainty - but at the same time I also hate super macho and sleek. Its funny how when someone says something about you you start (ok I start) examining every little detail of one's life. I hadn't thought my designs were particularly tom boyish more kind of in the middle - but whats interesting is what you home says about you, even if you are not particularly aware of it.  So as I am about to head out the door  out goes the skinny jeans and converse and in comes super super high prada mules and the shortest dress I can find (although don't tell am putting jeans and converse in bag just in case my new womanish ladylook drives me crazy) which it will! Below a couple of images from my pad - tom boyish? Who knows.

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