Rough luxe

I want to live in upstate New York on the weekends  - I want a home in the woods just like below and I want to bake bread and garden and cook and potter and maybe learn to knit! Monday to Friday I can commute to London and work I’m thinking – although that’s not particularly eco and responsible I realise. Below is the home of model Shannan Click and photographer Dan Martensen and I am beyond jealous. I love the simplicity of how everything just slots together nothing is pretentious and everything feels as if it has always been.Texture which is in abundance in this space creates a rustic charm and provides a casual. boho lived in vibe.  By applying wood to your walls – you instantly create another visual layer. I did it at home in a little nook in the basement and painted it out the same colour as the walls. My house was built in 1860 so some of the walls were slightly imperfect and tongue and groove is a great way for covering them up and adding texture at the very same time. Adorable! Records piled on the floor under a rustic old table with layers of rugs skimming the floor - heaven. Are you jealous yet - I am - its the perfect little weekend country pad - for pottering around in wellies, lighting fires and listening to jazz. [caption id="attachment_609" align="aligncenter" width="480" caption="Photography Grahm Atkins Hughes"][/caption] Panelling city style - a nook in my basement where I put up some tongue and groove and painted it out the same colour as the walls adding another layer of texture. Its super easy to do - think of it as DIY in a lazy Sunday afternoon kind of way. Its all in my book A Girls Guide to Decorating which is the most perfect Christmas present one can buy. Can I say that?

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