Textiles to delight the skin

Maud and I have over slept - instead of turning off the alarm and getting up at 5.45 as usual I stuck a pillow over our heads to drown out the noise of the alarm and we snoozed for another hour - Maud not so impressed with the pillow over her little head! So now I am paying the consequences - I have nothing prepared for todays blog and am late to the store. Today is a very exciting today we are expecting a delivery of cushions that we ordered in September and I have literally counted the days for their arrival. Made by a small Italian collective they are handwoven in the most beautiful colours - think barbie esq pink, burnt orange and scarlet. They have a bit of a rock chic vibe going in (and am sure this is to much information - but have just brought some rock chic boots so they should be best buddies at home)! All of this leads me onto how fabulous it is to change a room with textiles. Think of them as the 5 minute face lift of the decorating world - in a jiffy you can turn a room from drab to fab with a little grouping of cool textiles. Or you can change the whole vibe by layering throws across your bed for a super snug nest. [caption id="attachment_612" align="aligncenter" width="497" caption="Photography Graham Atkins Hughes"][/caption]

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