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Today is the day of my Grazia shoot. The last few days have been spent gathering baubles, foliage, t-lights and a whole host of other bits and bobs and Christmas fying the house so to speak. The most exciting thing I brought (and apologises to those of you who think this is beyond dull but I get excited about odd things) were two plaster mantle pieces to flank the fireplaces on the ground floor of my house. For years I have left them as just an open hole which was sweet but a little too boho. I fancied a change (now I have taken to wearing rock chic high high boots I wanted a rock chic style pad - sophisticated, sexy a bit Rolling Stonish if you like. I need the smoky eye make up to go with this look – Claudia Winkleman how do you do it  - I am obsessed with your eye make up?? ). Anyway back on the case in point adding mantle pieces adds another layer to your walls – suddenly I have two yes two platforms to put t-lights, paintings, flowers oh and crows – beautiful black crows that I found at Caravan in East London. The walls have come to life – so excited was I by these two new vignettes on Saturday evening with a glass of wine in hand, a flickering fire in the hearth and some moody jazz  I sat and studied my new latest finds (sad yes ok maybe I need help)! Two fireplaces below tantalise the senses – both are from apartments in Paris – one grand and opulent the other interesting and a little crazy – its funny once you start layering picture over picture –or in my case crow next to t-light etc you just want to go on and on and on. Layers I cannot stress enough add intrigue and excitment, plain unadorned walls are boring and just don’t cut the mustard in my book I hate to say! Look how beautiful the layers are - nothing matches yet everything makes beautiful sense telling a story about the person who lives in this apartment. Super grand and whilst many of us don't have apartments looking like this this image inspired me to paint my plaster fireplaces out the same colour as my walls. I have of course opted for sludgy, inky downpipe and I love how they blend into the wall yet at the same time add a grandeur ornate tone!




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