Today I am feeling a little sorry for myself - so tired am I after the shoot and the frantic weekend that putting one foot in front of the other requires far to much energy. Having said that is was worth every minute - Damien Russel took the most fabulous pictures and was beyond patient with Maud who eat he's shoelaces, climbed up he's leg and tried to be he's number one assistan! Am off to meeting shortly after a huge dose of caffine to see a client and discuss how we can cosy up her pad. For me its easy layer layer layer - and make it as unstructured and informal as possible. Below are two shots from a loft in NY - and yes its a loft so anything looks fabulous against that lovely brick but if you study the images look at just how informal and seeminly slung together they are - but they work. Sometimes it takes me ages at home to get the right vibe - so if it doesn't work immediately don't panic just walk away and try other configurations - best bit of advice just surround yourself with things you love. Rather than jumping on the bed - I fancy snoozing for a good few hours and then waking up and spending the afternoon pottering around the West Village - and it may look a bit of a jumble but I kind of like it. Simple, simple, simple and homely and cosy. I think I would want a bit more of a glam vibe going on (but thats purely to do with my new rock and roll mood. Ok am out the door - to the coffee house for the biggest double extra shot latte ever



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