The ultimate dressing room

For Christmas I want a dressing room - Father Christmas if you are listening  please please please can I have a room like either of the two below. How beautiful are they, personal, eclectic and beyond beautiful. Rather than  poking around in my wardrobes slinging everything on to the floor (as  happens most mornings) wouldn’t  it be  to fab to create a room that is actually a dressing room. I would share it with Maud – she has a little smattering of  jazzy leads, collars and maybe the odd winter coat for those below zero days but the pair of us would be in heaven. All of this got me to thinking – what on earth is the point of spare rooms where you rarely venture and friends occasionally sleep over – sorry friends no more sleep overs spare bedroom is now being turned into a closet .  Plus there are a couple of super cool hotels nearby (The Hoxton oh and  Shoreditch House I think is adding rooms and who wouldn't want to stay in Shoreditch House) so it works out on all counts I’m thinking! The key to making a dressing room look more like a room you want to hang out in is to fill it with things like paintings, books, flowers and comfy chairs. The only problem being I would never leave - and now I just need the wardrobe to go with the room.  Believe it or not I have no clothes - or nothing at least I like! Gorgeous - I want I want I want this dressing room.

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