Mixing Styles

Apologises for the lack of post yesterday– it was one of the craziest days of the year so far  and my head is still reeling  hence the unpardonably early hour of being awake at 6.30 on a Saturday morning. Infact I have been awake most of the night and the coffee house doesn’t open for another 90 minutes – yikes!Oh well I shall write blog posts in the meantime . Someone asked me recently what’s the big deal about mixing styles say vintage with modern.  Why not all just go all modern or alternatively all traditional and the answer my friends is a simple one. Its individual, its multi layered and its utterly unique. Mixing eras is unexpected, whimsical, and chic and everyone should be doing it.  The key and its an important one is to let one style dominate otherwise both will be fighting for the same attention. The image below is intriguing at first glance it’s a little grandma ish but then it’s peppered with super glam pieces like the pendant and the sofa. Add a huge tigers head to your walls and you’ve got a totally unique vibe going on.Happy weekend everyone.   I love Saturdays  - a stroll across the park at the bottom of our road to the farmers market  and then a rummage around the vintage shops is my idea of heaven.  Then its back home to some yummy dish of ingredients I have hopefully just brought, a fire the newspapers and a spot of jazz.

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