Chin Chin the Home Bar is back

Noticed this trend in NY when I was there last fall and it’s creeping over here.  Everywhere I looked I saw drinks trolleys from vintage retro ones to super doper Ralph Lauren Home ones. Some had grand silver trays with groupings of beautiful sparklingly glasses, others had a smattering of vintage and second hand glasses  (which these days you can pick up for a song in any old junk shop).Personally I’m loving the idea – anything that transforms one’s home into a sophisticated soiree is fine by me. Fashion is a funny old thing one minute something’s in the next its banished to the hills and considered naff. Well I am all for the return of the trolley as I think it can look super sweet snuck into a corner with a little light on it. Rita Konig interior designer, writer, stylist and all round good egg has the loveliest drinks trolley on the planet. We shot her apartment in NY for my book and I immediately wanted to come home and do something similar and I love that it’s in her hallway!  There’s something incredibly comforting about harking back to another era and it’s not such a kitschy joke especially if its given bit of a modern vibe as these images show below. Grey goose any one? (yes I know it’s a smidge to early for that sort of thing) Ok the view helps but its super sweet no? Snuck between windows its a great little detail. [caption id="attachment_646" align="aligncenter" width="497" caption="Photography Graham Atkins Hughes"][/caption] The sweetest of them all - Rita Konig's home bar that we shot for my book. Get some super sexy wallpaper, an adorable little table and group bottles, a cool lamp and the odd hat. Love it

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