Tiles that look like sweet wrappers

6.10 am and I"m late. How one can be late at such an early hour is a terrible fact but its true no less. Slept through the alarm having not slept most of the night and now I am late to collect my sister from the station (its our weekly bluebird walk through and stock up) and late to the coffee house. Must have coffee before picking up Gem sorry Gem (going to blam lateness on the traffic not coffee otherwise sound like I have an addiction which I do)! Now I am getting a little obsessed,  with tiles that is particularly those of the deep chocolate highly glazed kind . I love their intensity and how they create a zing to any room. Tiling a whole wall around a fireplace is not something I had necessary thought of - but I must say I'm loving it - especially when the fireplace is contemporary (as seen below).  Am desperately trying to figure out where to use such tiles at home - having only just installed two plaster fireplaces on the ground floor I cannot replace those just yet. Ho hum will find another spot I am sure! Beautiful, beautiful and beautiful again. Also very sweet - below is a shot of the overall space - so you can see how beautifully these tiles blend with the rest of the furniture.

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