Fake It

Late start today my apologises  Maud and I totally overslept. Little Maud has been to school 2 days running which has exhausted her (she has been playing all day long with her new best puppy friend who happens to belong to one of the band members of the Kaiser Chiefs) - new she would be a rock chic groupie! Now I can't believe I am saying this but this Christmas I am faking it a bit with flowers and foliage. Never before a fan of the fake stuff I have utterly changed my mind. Of course you don't get that wonderous smell with faux but then mixing both I think is the answer. In Paris in September we came across the most wonderous displays of mistletoe, red berries, bark and bunches and bunches of hydrangers. The hydrangers we are supposed to be selling in the store but I have sneaked bunches of them home and housed them in oversized gold tea cups (very Alice in Wonderland) all over the house and I have to say every time I walk through the door they take my breath away. I noticed that Rita Konig has done an amazing job at the Waverly Inn in New York with fake foliage - image below and whilst I haven't started to decorate the house yet for Christmas she has inspired me to do so this very day. Happy holidays!

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