Christmas tips and other matters

With four days to go (yikes) if you are short of a bit of inspiration for how to create some flair for your lair  for the holiday season check out the Times (see link) for some expert tips. They very sweetly included my ideas so thank you to the Times. The Times - Design tips Maudie and I have taken to thinking Father Christmas isn't in too generous a mood - we sense he is feeling a little over worked poor thing so we have taken the matter into our own hands and have brought - Ta Da: This is the showroom shot so ignore the cushion -  its 1930's,  covered in tweed and velvet and you can't see the buttons but they are fabulous! And yes we know that it was a bit of a splurge but we will love this chair until we are at least 90 and if it means we can't eat for the whole month of January who cares! Happy holidays

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