Indulgent Things

One of my new years resolutions  apart from (gym 2 hours a day, sit ups 1000 times a day – coffee down to 2 cups, wine – twice a week - yikes) is to start collecting photography. Having been a stylist for many years and hanging around photogs I have always loved the medium of photography and when peppered with art think it creates a really interesting collection. I fell head over heels in love with the art in Val Garland’s pad (not only does she live in uber cool Borough market which I must digress to mention looks so fabulous at this time of year) but her art includes a fabulous amount of quirky photography.  One image in particular stole my heart , its by the photograph Zanna whose work I adore and its called Red Lips – image below. Sensual, playful and beyond fabulous  this would look so cool above my new chair! Hey ho – as the rolling stones once sung ‘ you can’t always get what you want” – never has a truer word been spoken. I have just started to collect the work by the fabulous French photographer-JR image below. JR spent time in both Israel and Palestine and rather than focusing on the ever present divide highlighted fundamental human emotions. Israelis and Palestinians doing the same job – such as taxi drivers, teachers and cooks – crying, laughing, shouting and making faces demonstrating that art and laughter can challenge stereotypes.

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